Welcome to Travel eXpresso Frequently Asked Questions

Hope you were able to find  and see the demo videos and the feature comparison chart. If not we invite you to do so to get a better overview of the system.

This page answers the most common short, close-ended questions our users tend to ask. We’ve broken them down by category to make finding answers simple and easy.

Branding Configuration General How to Payments Suppliers
What is the technical background behind default B2C templates of Travel Expresso and how can it be used?

B2C template was developed with the partial use of third party HTML layout https://themeforest.net/item/traveler-multipurpose-booking-template/8526796 and then substantially improved by GP Solutions within its API. Third party’s license fee https://themeforest.net/licenses for the right to use this layout is included in corresponding cost of clients by default.
GP Solutions possesses intellectual property rights to B2C web-site, developed by GP Solutions on the basis of its API. And all customizations and additional functionalities developed by GP Solutions are regarded to be intellectual property of GP Solutions and it is free with no restriction to assign such rights to any third party.

How can I get connected to travel product suppliers?

In order to get connected to a travel product supplier and start data import using Travel eXpresso it is necessary to contact each supplier directly and sign an agreement for services. You  must discuss and handle all the relevant provisions of such agreements with suppliers yourself.
After signing the agreement you will be provided with an account and the relevant API login credentials. So, before requesting our Support Team to connect a particular supplier you already need to have a signed agreement and the API credentials in place. If you do not – our Support Team will still ask you for same.

Before signing an agreement some of the suppliers may ask to fulfill particular conditions of cooperation, such as:
– Make an initial deposit payment before launching in production mode. The sum of such a deposit may depend on the target market, expected volumes / turnovers or other factors and at times can be quite substantial.
– Process a certain minimum number / amount of bookings within a set period (a month, a quarter or other).
– Limit the allowed number of “look-to-book” requests.
– Etc.

Below, please, find contact details of some suppliers which can be helpful to request for account / API credentials (“Preferred” suppliers):

GTA: Support Team – ww.technicalsupport@gta-travel.com
HotelBeds: API Support Team – apitude@hotelbeds.com

I own a travel agency, can I use Travel expresso to select best pricing offers for my customers?

Travel eXpresso is specifically designed to be used by Tour Operators. It is crucial that each licensee of Travel eXpresso signs direct agreements with chosen travel product suppliers on its own and deals with all the relevant pricing conditions. GP Solutions acts solely as a development company and provides purely technology solutions to build connectors to various travel product suppliers. We neither open accounts with travel product suppliers, nor we negotiate the pricing conditions for them.

Are there any limitations during TRIAL period?

Yes. You can freely test the back-office functionality and create as many products as you need. However, TRIAL version allows to add up to 2 connectors to data suppliers of different travel products for evaluation. You are free to connect more suppliers upon payment of Subscription fee for your selected payment plan.

Can I prolong my TRIAL period? I haven’t yet connected all the suppliers that I need.

Our trial version is provided for general evaluation of the system and helps users in making informed purchase decisions. It is not designed for production connection of all the required travel data suppliers and starting active online sales. Upon expiration of the initial 30-day trial it is necessary to pay monthly subscription to continue using your account.

Can I run my business purely on Travel Expresso without hiring personnel?

The system allows to automate your current business operations, but it cannot fully replace your staff. Travel eXpresso allows to cut down the number of employees required for organizing your sales routines. However, there are certain use cases that need personal involvement of your staff, for example, in a situation when a supplier does not confirm an “upon request” reservation for whatever reason.

Essentially it means that while using our platform it is necessary to keep trained and educated staff to perform daily control of reservations and confirm their due processing.

Also, please, bear in mind that despite the fact that eXpresso team puts a lot of regular effort in achieving complete automation of business processes, there is still small probability that something may go wrong. Therefore, we strongly urge you to closely check all the reservations to avoid potential issues.

What GIATA modules do I need to buy?

In order to get hotels mappings you need to buy GIATA Codes and Supplier and Tour Operator Code modules.

Why does Website source code is available only for Extended Edition?

Website is integrated with the back-office via API. As far as API is available for Extended Edition, Website source code can be provided only for clients, using this tariff plan.

Please explain this term “Each 100 look-to-book cases over the tariff plan limit are counted as one booking”

Every pricing plan has certain number of free bookings included. For example, Standard pricing plan has up to 500 bookings.
Additionally there’s limitation on look-to-book ratio. If you have very few bookings and mostly use system for searches (that has impact on load to the server) – then every 100 searches will be counted like 1 booking. If you still fit into the range – then fine, there will be no surcharge. If you exceed it – there will be additional booking fee.
E.g. during some month you have 100 bookings and 15 000 searches. This will be counted like 100 bookings + extra 5 000 searches will be counted like 50 additional bookings. So in total it’s 150. If you use STANDARD plan that has up to 500 bookings included – then there will be no surcharge. If you use BASIC plan that has up to 100 bookings included – then there will be surcharge for extra 50 bookings.

Why do I get Empty Searches?

You know: to get out something of the basket you need to put it into in advance. The same with Travel eXpresso. Being travel technology partner we provide you exclusively with a technical solution (not with travel content itself) that helps you to be connected to YOUR contracted 3-rd party suppliers online our configure your own travel inventory by uploading your offers into the system. So, in order to get some results on search results page you are supposed to provide us with credentials (test or live) to your contracted supplier inventory system or create your own products within the system.

What does “Order check required” status mean?

If an order has the status “Order check required” (“Error”) it means that there was a problem while booking (for example, because of loss of Internet
connection). In this case you should check the order’s status directly in supplier’s system and then edit the status in Expresso system using the option “Repair”.

We’d like to add log in form to the system on our website

The example below gives an idea how to insert login controls into external web site.
<html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />
<script>function GP_login() {
destination = “http://YourDomain.com/j_spring_security_check”;
document.gp_access.method = “post”;
document.gp_access.action = destination;
<form method=”post” name=”gp_access” id=”GP_access”>
<table align=”center” >
<tr><td style=”text-align: center;” colspan=2 >Please enter your username and password</td></tr>
<tr><td style=”text-align: left; width:100px;”><span class=”label”>Company code</span></td>
<td style=”text-align: left; width:100px;”><input type=”text” style=”width: 110px;” name=”j_companyCode”/></td></tr>
<tr><td style=”text-align: left;” ><span class=”label”>Username</span></td>
<td style=”text-align: left;”><input type=”text” style=”width: 110px;” name=”j_username”/></td></tr>
<tr><td style=”text-align: left;”><span class=”label”>Password</span></td><td style=”text-align: left;”><input type=”password” style=”width: 110px;” name=”j_password”/></td></tr>
<tr><td style=”text-align: center;” colspan=2><input type=”button” id=”login_button” onclick=”GP_login();return false;” value=”Log in”/></td></tr></table>
YourDomain.com – should be replaced with correspond system domain.

I want to sell offers to travelers online. Is it possible?

For B2C sales (if you would like to make your products available on the website for travelers) – you need to build a website or integrate our booking engine to your existing site. In this case we can provide you with JSON API, and your web-developers should implement the B2C Front End for you. Alternatively we can offer our services to make a web site for you (at extra cost).

Could you please manage to remove the Copyright from our account, or replace it with our name.

Since the system is intellectual property of our company, it’s impossible to remove or replace copyright from it.

Is there any functional difference between Travel Agency and Corporate Client Objects?

Yes, there’s a difference between these companies.
1. Agency  acts as your re-seller and thus sells travel offers to end-consumers (usually – to travelers) and gets commission from you. Within the order it sees “price from supplier” (this is your price and commission from you) and “price to Client” (this is the price for end-consumer). Agency can also track its payment to you (it’ll see it within “supplier” column) and issue invoices to their Clients (end-consumers) and track whether they were paid or not.
2. Corporate Client is actually a contributor of travel services, so it buys for itself. Under such circumstances it doesn’t have  “Clients” at all and usually it doesn’t  have commissions. At the same time it has possibility within tab “Users” to register all it’s staff (with the role “Employee”) and select them at the moment of booking. So this simplifies orders processing.

How to connect to PayPal?

If you need to connect PayPal to your Travel eXpresso account please provide our Support Center with the following PayPal Credentials:

Here is the link to the page containing information regarding PayPal API credentials: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/apiCredentials/
Important: Please, note, that we request your API credentials not the access to your PayPal account. You can request this information from Paypal. Specify please if you provide us with TEST credentials or LIVE ones.
Then we’ll be able to open access to PayPal for you.

I didn’t manage to use my free trial period efficiently, could you please extend it for me?

Dear client, we do appreciate your interest to Travel eXpresso system and offer you 30-day FREE trial period to explore features and advantages our system can bring to your travel business. During this period we support you on every step: our support center is available around the clock ready to answer your technical questions, our sales managers are always willing to clarify for you unclear moments related to pricing policy and business development. In other words, we do our best to help you to make the right choice and decision in such a tight timeframe.
Being a classic Software-as-a-Service model Travel eXpresso presupposes a payment for using it. So if you wish to continue with our system at the end of trial period you need to pay for the next month. If you feel you need individual support and consultation we are willing to provide you with the dedicated specialist (at extra cost) who will help you to sort things out and make the process of implementation smooth.

Customization of vouchers and invoices

The customization of vouchers and invoices can be implemented in a several ways:
1. If you are satisfied for the most part with appearance and information structure of documents’ templates configured in the Travel eXpresso by default and you just want to add you brand’s “look and feel” (put your logo, color scheme) – request for these changes from support centre. Such customization is included in the tariff plan.
2. If you need to implement considerable changes into the templates (for example you want the system to issue documents with your custom designs) – you need to send your designs to the support team for cost estimations (such customization is paid on T&M basis).

How to enable deposit payments?

Default payment configuration in Travel eXpresso doesnt’t include such payment method as “Deposit payment“. If you need to enable it you may “switch it on” for a particular client while creating or editing a contract with you client legal (My company Menu>Clients legal>Contract>Sales Terms). Instead of Default you need to choose Extended (with deposit) payment plan.

How to put supplier links and API credentials?

Support Center specialists connect suppliers to your account. Suppliers that are in the “Preferred” section of list can be configured during the trial version.

How B2C can be configured for online sales on my website?

1. According to our current Travel eXpresso offerings the website (B2C) template can be delivered AS IS (additional 100$/month per Product e.g. Hotels or Flights). In this case the website will be hosted on our server and we will be able to change your branding (apply your logo, change colours) and add relevant information in the footer (contact details and etc.) as well as put your information in static pages as “About US”and etc.
You can also buy the template including the source code if you wish to modify it completely. In that case, you will host the website and we will be able to modify it according to your needs. Correspondingly, the template can only be used with our Travel eXpresso solution.

2. Alternatively, we can build a website in accordance with your designs. The works on template customization and website development from scratch are to be paid on Time&Material basis.
The cost and timeframe for integration a booking engine to your existing travel website depend on the source code of your website, technologies used and designs and also are paid on Time&Material basis.

Once we decide to go under contract for either plan how long does it take before going live?

Initial registration for any plan is free and you can use your account for free within 30 days. The timelines for switching on suppliers depend on the suppliers you want to integrate to your system. For example, some suppliers give immediate LIVE account (you need just sign commercial contract with them), while  other suppliers may require additional certification and it takes longer (sometimes up to a month or two).

How can I search&book travel products?

We believe that watching the short video tutorials will help you better than any words. Please, choose the right link in accordance with the product you are interested in: Flights, Hotels, Transfers.

How Can I set-up my own domain for the system?

In order to have [ABC.COM] as your address for the platform, you need to follow next steps: 1. You choose and register the preferable domain. 2. In the domain/subdomain settings you need to insert IP received from us: 2.1 In domain management console you can find A-record. 2.2 Place our IP as A-record. 3. Inform us that you’ve performed this step, and we’ll make other settings on our side.

Would we need to build our own website? Our business concept consists of having a log in access web page.

For B2B sales via your agencies you don’t need to build anything additional – you will be able to register your partners and give them login and password to access their accounts directly with the same link as you have. Please, note that each company in the system has its own company code – it is also required for logging in.

Our  Technical Support Service Hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (GMT+3).  All technical support is local from our Belarus team located in Minsk, Belarus.

Emergency evenings&weekend support is also available by calling us at +49 89 4161 523-0 ext.911 (please, wait for the auto-reply to start before dialing 911).

Please note that during the evenings and weekend, we may not be able to provide you the same level of support available during the week as we do not have all the equipment in front of us, but we will most likely be able to solve your emergency needs (for example you can’t log into the system). During the weekend we don’t provide support and consulting on current problems and general issues.

If you still have questions about Travel eXpresso configuration, implementation, travel suppliers integration, or anything else, send an email to our Sales Team via sales@expresso.travel or leave your question in our Support Centre. Our highly trained reps will examine the tickets within the following business day.